Do You Have A Hidden Agenda?

12 May

We often use the word ‘hidden agenda’ when we suspect that someone has an ulterior motive for their actions. Did you know that you can have a hidden agenda when it comes to setting your own goals?

Most people are completely unaware that they set goals as a way of trying to battle their self-limiting beliefs around worthiness and deserving. A common example is setting a weight loss goal or an income goal – which seems fine on the surface – however if the person is operating under a paradigm they says they’re not good enough, then the hidden agenda is actually to feel worthy rather than to lose weight or earn more income.

Having a hidden agenda is one of the ways that we set ourselves up for failure because whenever we embark on something to prove our paradigm wrong, our paradigm always wins. Even if you manage to lose weight in the short-term, you’ll find a way to put it back on because you haven’t changed the underlying belief. The experience of being in battle with yourself will also make the goal achievement process hard to enjoy.

Watch the video below to work out whether you have a hidden agenda:

If you experience devastating lows when you miss a goal or get bad results, this is a strong indication that you have a hidden agenda behind your goal. Feeling crushed after goal failure has more to do with the reinforcement of self-limiting beliefs than with the unfavourable results.

To eliminate hidden agendas, you need to identify and overcome your self-limiting beliefs. In the next article, I will share a tapping script that you can use to identify and neutralise the emotions around hidden agendas.

For a more personalised diagnosis of your self-limiting beliefs and hidden agendas, you can also book in a for a Clarity, Strategy & Action session with me by visiting my booking page.

Please comment below and let me know if you’ve identified any of your hidden agendas.

Have a wonderful week!

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2 Responses to “Do You Have A Hidden Agenda?”

  1. Tony May 14, 2017 at 8:55 am #

    Hi Caroline,

    How do you do? I just went through my email, and I saw the mail linking to this blog page. I would like to say you are so, so right. It took me a while to get to this point: the point, meaning I set my goals because I have a ‘hidden agenda’. I tied my personal worth to the things I have, or the things I don’t have.

    Strangely, it struck me today: “I AM”. Regardless of what an individual has or does not have, he/she is complete. Remembering the Bible verse, “And God said, let us create man in our own image and likeness, and let him have dominion over …”

    Thus, I just realized that it doesn’t matter what an individual has, he/she is special. The ‘having’ is an expression of one’s self. There’s been lots of motivation that we should raise the standards of what we expect from ourselves. Some people might have this question, “Raise the standards to what point? Or, “Why should the standards even be raised??”

    Conclusively, the moment we realize we are special, we simply decide and determine exactly what our ‘worth’ is. Probably, the reasons that have held us back from doing the things we want, we then wouldn’t have an option but to do them. Because we have unique gifts, talents and creative expression to bring to the table, we wouldn’t have any option but to present these gifts. It would be a denial of ourselves and selfishness not to serve, provide/create/sell products and services that would be used in improving the quality of other people’s lives, transfer of knowledge.

    Your message resonates with that. So sorry for “so long a letter”.


    PS: I would really love to have Bob’s program, but the program is prohibitively expensive. Really, not because I do not want to commit to it, the exchange rate – dollars to my domestic currency, makes it seemingly out of reach.

    If you could talk with Bob to offer a discount package for developing countries, I’d really appreciate it.

    Sincere regards

  2. Caroline May 14, 2017 at 7:02 pm #

    Hi Tony,
    Thank you for taking the time to share your insight and experience with hidden agendas. You’re absolutely right in saying that once we realise our worth, we have no option but to share all of our unique gifts and abilities with the world – it’s a massive win-win and why I love taking people through the transformation of seeing their true self.
    I will reach out to you directly to see if there’s a way I can help you out with Bob’s program. As a certified practitioner, I’m able to give my clients access to Bob’s material at a fraction of the cost of doing Bob’s full 12 month coaching program. I also facilitate a lot of it directly. Look out for an email from me 🙂

    Best regards,

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