Where Do Paradigms Come From?

12 Jun

Where do paradigms come from?

If you’re not familiar with the term, a Paradigm is a collection of habits and beliefs that control the way you behave. We can’t see paradigms and most people don’t know they exist.

In fact, a lot of people will talk about a character trait or a habit and say “that’s just way I am”. While that might appear to be true, it’s actually the way the person has been programmed to be at this point in their life.

So where does this programming come from?

Watch the video below to discover how paradigms are programmed within us:


Although some paradigms are picked up through shock and trauma, most of our habits and beliefs are reinforced through repetition. You can test how engrained some of your own habits are by completing the following experiment:

  • When you brush your teeth this week, pay close attention to the order in which you execute your brushing sequence. Do you start at the front or with a particular side? Do you do the top or the bottom first? Chances are you’ve never given this much thought before!
  • Shake things up by trying to brush your teeth in a different order and notice how strange this feels – it might even feel ‘wrong’!
  • Try to remember how long you’ve been brushing your teeth this way – you might even remember being taught how to brush your teeth at a young age.

The lesson in this exercise is to observe that this habit is part of your paradigm. You’ve been brushing your teeth this way for so long that you do it every day on auto-pilot and you probably never vary it.

If something as simple as brushing your teeth is part of your paradigm, think of how many other habits are hired-wired that you’re not even aware of! If you find any other habits that you picked up from your childhood, please leave me a comment below and share your discovery.

Have a wonderful week!

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