The Inspiring Story of The Benevolent Bike Tour

10 Mar

As a Personal Empowerment coach, one of the tasks I especially love teaching (and completing myself) is setting goals and designing plans to achieve those goals. Setting meaningful goals backed by a sound plan can completely change your outlook on life by giving you something big to look forward to and work towards.

One of the ‘big’ goals that many people day dream about is quitting their job – and for most people, that’s as far as it goes – merely a day dream. But every now and then, I bump into someone who has reached this milestone and has a great story to tell… so let me introduce you to Ben Broenen, an inspiring young man who quit his job and is about to embark on 5,000 mile bike ride across the USA and Canada in support of youth empowerment!

In October last year, I attended a business event in Phoenix, Arizona and met Ben during one of the breaks. Not only was Ben incredibly bubbly, he also blew me away with his fascinating story about how he came to create the Benevolent Bike Tour to raise funds for youth support organisations.

As a teenager, Ben had faced his own challenges and almost found himself on the wrong side of the law but luckily Ben was given a second chance at pulling his life together. Ben subsequently enrolled in Jack Canfield’s coaching program, and set the following goals for himself:

  • Work with kids 1 or more days per week, activating them to take action toward their dreams
  • Donate $7K in a year to charity
  • Go on a 3 month bike tour
  • Share the principles of personal success with others on a daily basis.

When opportunity and preparedness come together, magic happens… and Ben is a great example of that because the inaugural Benevolent Bike Tour is now only TWO DAYS AWAY… but I’ll let Ben tell you all about that:

If Ben’s story inspires you as much as it inspires me, feel free to make a donation to Ben’s Benevolent Bike Tour – you never know how you might end up impacting someone’s life.

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p.s. How are you progressing with your goals for 2016? Are you on track with any New Year’s resolutions you may have set? In my next article, I’ll explain why most people struggle to turn their New Year’s resolutions into ongoing habits… and I’ll also share an effective method for overcoming this and pushing on with your goals!



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