The Importance Of Celebrating Your Progress

23 Apr

Do you take the time to stop and celebrate your progress?

I used to think that celebrating progress was a waste of time because the only thing worth celebrating
was reaching the ultimate destination. The pitfall of this approach is that it can actually stifle your progress by steering you off course and flattening your energy along the way.

I didn’t realise that being unenthusiastic about completing tasks was a form of self-sabotage controlled by my inner critic!

If you’re guilty of dismissing your achievements, watch the video below to learn about the importance of celebrating your progress:

Your inner critic is at play if you’re in the habit of completing a task and then reacting as follows:

  • Moving onto the next task immediately
  • Criticising yourself for not having completed the task sooner
  • Focusing on how much more you still have to do and therefore seeing the task you’ve completed as insignificant

Although celebrating small tasks may seem trivial, it’s a powerful way of shutting down the ‘mean coach’ in you who tries to tell you that nothing you do is good enough. The nature of the act of celebrating is also happy and fun and this will start to shift your energy and increase your enthusiasm & motivation.

I challenge you to put this to the test by celebrating your progress this week:

  • Choose 2 tasks that you’re going to complete
  • Schedule the tasks with due dates in your calendar
  • Decide how you’re going to celebrate the completion of these tasks E.g. treating yourself to some chocolate or an hour of TV, or even doing a victory dance!

If you take up this challenge, please leave me a comment below and let me know how you celebrated your progress.

Have a wonderful week!

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