Tapping To Overcome Procrastination

17 Apr

Happy Easter Monday!

I love the Easter long weekend because it’s a wonderful opportunity to spend time with family and friends, and also just long enough to get a few things done and squeeze in some relaxation time. I personally set myself the challenge of completing 5 big tasks this weekend and if I got them done, I would reward myself with a massage.

If you planned on getting some tasks done this weekend and didn’t quite get there because you procrastinated, this article is for you!

Sometimes we procrastinate because we know that the task ahead is going to be difficult, it will take a long time, or will require intense focus. Often the way to overcome this is simply to get started and get into the flow of the task. For many people though, procrastination is a recurring habit and it’s a mental battle we have with ourselves.

If you struggle with procrastination, it’s a sign that there are self-limiting beliefs and emotions in your nervous system that get triggered when challenging tasks surface. I’m going to share a tapping sequence that you can use to interrupt this pattern and break out of the cycle permanently.

Watch the video below and follow my tapping sequence to overcome procrastination:

You can follow this tapping sequence anytime you encounter the pull of procrastination – simply subscribe to my YouTube page and come back to this video whenever you need to.

Ideally, you should continue tapping until your level of intensity has come all the way down to a zero out of ten. You can also substitute the words in my script with any words that feel relevant to you at the time.

The two stand-out benefits of using tapping to overcome procrastination are:

  1. Tapping is a safe way to express your most negative thoughts and emotions without worsening what you’re experiencing
  2. The physical effect of tapping is that it neutralises those intense negative emotions so that you become free to focus on empowering beliefs – and once this happens, you will literally feel your energy shift and you’ll be ready to take action and be productive!

Give it a go and let me know what benefits you experience from tapping. I’m thrilled to say that I used tapping to sustain my productive energy all weekend and I’m just about to head off for my hot stone massage!

Have a wonderful week!

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