Tapping To Clear Hidden Agendas

22 May

In my previous article, I promised to show you how to clear away hidden agendas that can be at play when you set goals, especially stretch goals. Most people aren’t aware that we can set goals as way of trying to battle our self-limiting beliefs around worthiness and deserving.

Tapping is a great strategy you can use to neutralise the negative emotions associated with hidden agendas and to release the misguided attachment we have to our goals. Tapping triggers a mind-body reaction to re-program the paradigm that tells you you’re not worthy of success.

Watch the video below and follow my tapping sequence to clear away any hidden agendas behind your financial goals:

By running through this tapping sequence, you might discover that you have an unhealthy attachment to money that you weren’t even aware of! If you find that these statements trigger a reaction in you, I recommend running through the tapping script several times until the reaction subsides. If you repeat the sequence daily, you’ll discover that your attachment to money will neutralise, and you’ll start to view your financial goals in a totally different light!

In my Financial Freedom Fast Track program, we then build on this neutral position and I show you how to shift away from your hidden agenda and towards your higher purpose.

If you’d like to know more about my Tapping program and how you can work with me directly, please click here to schedule an appointment with me.

Have a wonderful week!

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