Tapping To Celebrate Progress

30 Apr

In my previous article, I explained the importance of celebrating your progress to conquer your inner critic, especially if you feel like nothing you do is good enough or worth celebrating.

If you’ve previously been dismissive about completing tasks, you might encounter resistance as you start to celebrate your progress. Tapping will help you to overcome this resistance by neutralising your negative feelings and beliefs around deserving to be recognised and celebrated.

In the following video, you can follow a tapping script that will help you to disarm your resistance to celebrating progress so that you can shift to a state of authentic empowerment.

Watch the video below to learn how tapping can help you develop the habit of celebrating your progress:

Once you complete your first round of tapping, you can test your resistance level by visualising yourself celebrating your progress with a little victory dance! If you feel light and happy about the idea of doing a victory dance, your energy is in the right place. If you feel negative or cynical about celebrating your progress, you can reduce the intensity of these feelings by continuing with a few more rounds of tapping.

I recommend tapping through this script every day for a week and combining this with light moments of celebration for each scheduled task you complete. You can also keep yourself accountable by choosing a couple of tasks in advance and scheduling them in your diary.

If you experience a shift in your energy this week, please leave me a comment below and let me know how you felt before and after tapping.

Have a wonderful week!

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