Tapping On The Today Show!

14 May

A few weeks ago on the Anzac Day public holiday, Tapping made an appearance on Australia’s Today Show! I shared the video in one of my Facebook Ads and not only did it get hundreds of shares, I’ve also had many people ask if it’s the same thing I do… and the answer is ABSOLUTELY!

I’m thrilled that Tapping is being talked about in mainstream media – it’s a massive gift to the Australian public – and I thought this video warranted a further share with my readers.

In the interview below, Tapping is presented as a tool to assist with weight loss. The power of this technique is that it disarms the fight or flight response which causes people to act in congruence with their self-limiting beliefs. I use Tapping primarily to help my clients overcome their blocks to attracting more money and achieving their goals, including weight loss.

Watch the video below to see Tapping on Australia’s Today Show:

For a more comprehensive overview of Tapping, check out my previous post on The Benefits of Tapping. It’s a technique you can apply immediately, especially if you’re caught in a whirlwind of negative emotions.

There is also immense value in working with a Tapping practitioner because the Tapping process is like peeling back the layers of an onion. Once you start tapping on a surface-level emotion like anger, you quickly find that there are deeper beliefs and emotions sitting beneath the surface. I work with my clients to quickly identify their self-limiting beliefs so that we know exactly what to tap on! Tapping not only works, it also delivers very quick benefits!

To find out how I can help you accelerate your success, apply for a complimentary Clarity, Strategy & Action session here.

Have a wonderful week!

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