Keeping Fit The Safe Way

18 Jun

Today’s article is a timely lesson about keeping safety in mind when exercising! Three weeks ago, I was running on a treadmill and during my final sprint, my foot hit the front of the treadmill and I tripped. Unfortunately, I fell directly onto the treadmill mat and because it was moving so quickly and I couldn’t get myself up, I ended up with a few friction burns (don’t worry, I’m not posting any gory images!).

The reason I’m sharing this story is because the accident and my injuries were completely preventable! There’s a safety device built into all treadmills that brings the treadmill to an instant stop with a simple tug.

Watch the video below to find out how easy it is to prevent treadmill accidents!

Unfortunately the treadmill safety device rarely gets used by runners – everyone I’ve asked since the accident has confirmed that they don’t use it because they find it annoying. I used to think that too but trust me when I say that clipping a safety device to your top is such a small inconvenience compared to the process of recovering from friction burns.

Another lesson worth sharing is that if you or anyone you know ever suffers the mishap of a friction burn, please ensure it gets treated as a burn and not as a graze. The healing process is quite different and the wound requires different dressings (I recommend Mepilex dressings). Big shout out to my sister, Isabelle, for getting me a second opinion!

So to all the treadmill runners and walkers out there, please use your safety clip and keep fit the safe way!

Have a wonderful week!

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