How To Identify Self-Limiting Beliefs

02 Apr

Self-limiting beliefs become programmed within us from a very early age and they can prevent you from achieving your goals – especially stretch goals or type C goals. Unproductive habits like procrastination and little or no follow-through usually develop because of self-limiting beliefs around our abilities and our sense of worthiness.

It can be difficult to identify the link between habits and self-limiting beliefs because we store our self-limiting beliefs in our sub-conscious mind and in our nervous system – so they’re not obvious on the surface.

In the following video, I’ll show you a simple exercise you can complete to identify your self-limiting beliefs:

You can repeat this exercise for each of your goals to identify any resistance that may be holding you back. Once you’ve identified your self-limiting beliefs, you’ll need to work on clearing this inner programming.

In next week’s video, I will step through a mind-body technique that you can use to overcome your self-limiting beliefs, even if you’ve been carrying them for a long time. For more personalised help, you can also apply for a complimentary Clarity & Strategy session with me here.

Have a wonderful week!

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