How To Create A Digital Vision Board

26 Feb

I’ve been a fan of Vision Boards for many years. I used to cut out pictures that represented my goals and ideal lifestyle – mostly from airline and real estate magazines – and I would create posters and stick them up around my bedroom. The amazing thing about vision boards is that when you revisit them years later, it’s incredible to see how many things you can tick off as a result of those goals being planted in your sub-conscious mind through repetition. In the video below, I’ll share some of the goals I achieved from my vision boards.

In recent years, I’ve moved across to Digital Vision Boards which you create with software that combines images, video, text and music into a short movie that reflects your goals and self-image aspirations. In my previous article about Gratitude & Self-Image, I mentioned a tool I use to create digital vision boards called Mind Movies. Since publishing this article, I’ve had several requests for more information about using the Mind Movies tool so I decided to create a demo video to answer those questions.

Click here to learn how to create Digital Vision Boards (and to see the original vision boards I created 15 years ago!):



Creating a Mind Movie is a great way to build a digital vision board targeted at boosting your self-image. My tips for achieving this are:

  • Refer back to my previous Gratitude & Self-Image article and use the Gratitude Statement you created as a script. You can also find additional affirmations within the Affirmations tab in Mind Movies.
  • Choose a picture (within Mind Movies or one of your own) to match each statement in your script
  • If you come across additional pictures that resonate with you, add them to you Mind Movie and then create a matching self-image statement by asking yourself: what kind of a person has these things or this lifestyle?
  • Store your Mind Movie in a place where you can access it easily (e.g. on your phone) and watch it frequently – the more you watch it, the more you’ll set your mind to work on achieving your goals!

You can access the Mind Movies software here. Please leave me a comment below if you have any questions about creating Digital Vision Boards.

Have a wonderful week!

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