Happy EOFYS… and a Personal Invitation!

26 Jun

Happy EOFYS!

For my Australian readers, this coming Friday marks the end of the 2017 Financial Year.. and EOFYS stands for ‘End Of Financial Year Sale’! If you’re wondering why I wrote “Happy EOFYS” instead of “Happy EOFY”, check out this Foxtel ad from 2009 (it’s been stuck in my head for years)!

Whether it’s the end of your financial year or simply the halfway mark in the calendar year, this is a great time to reflect on whether you’re achieving the results you deserve. If you’re not happy with your results, think about what might be holding you back. Do you feel stuck in your current job or situation, or are you still unclear about what you want?

A few weeks ago, I wrote about paradigms and where they come from. I also promised to record a video about the two parts of the mind and how your paradigm controls your results. If you are feeling stuck, what it means is that your paradigm is keeping you stuck and the two parts of your mind – your conscious mind and your sub-conscious mind – are keeping you in a state of conflict.

Learning about paradigms had a massive impact on my life and it’s a topic I’m really passionate about. So to do this topic justice, I’ve decided to host a webinar where I’ll be teaching you all about Paradigms and how you can achieve better results.

Check out the video below for your invitation to attend my Paradigm Fundamentals webinar:

During my live Paradigm Fundamentals webinar, I will give you a comprehensive overview of paradigms including:

  • How Paradigms cause your results
  • How your mind works
  • How to achieve long-lasting success

The webinar will take place at 8pm on Thursday, 29 June 2017 (AEST). To register, simply click on the button below:

If you have been feeling stuck, this could be the turning point you’ve been looking for!

Have a wonderful week!

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P.S. If you can’t attend live on Thursday, all you need to do is register and I will send you a recording of the webinar.

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