Setting Effective Goals for 2017 – Part Two

24 Jan

In Part One of this Goal Setting article series, we looked at the first aspect of setting effective goals which is: working out what you want.

To help provide you with further clarity about what you want, last week I introduced you to an exercise called ‘A Day In Your Ideal Life’. In today’s video, we’re going to build on that exercise and I’m going to teach you about the 3 types of goals and the importance of ensuring that you have a healthy balance of all three goal types.

Please click on the video below to get started on
Part Two: The 3 Types of Goals

To complete this week’s goal setting homework, please use the worksheet you filled out in the ‘A Day In My Ideal Life’ exercise. You can also make use of my Inspirational Music playlist to get yourself into a positive and creative frame of mind for this exercise. You can find links to these resources below:

Please leave me a comment below and let me know how you’re progressing with these goal setting exercises. I look forward to sharing Part Three with you next week on Setting & Prioritising Your 2017 Goals. 

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