Setting Effective Goals for 2017 – Part Three

29 Jan

Welcome to the final article in the Setting Effective Goals for 2017 series. In the first video, we looked at an exercise called ‘A Day In Your Ideal Life’ to help you discover what you really want.

In the second video, we explored the 3 types of goals:

  • Type A Goal: Something you’ve done before
  • Type B Goal: Something you think you can do
  • Type C Goal: Something that excites & terrifies you

Ideally you will have a mix of all three types of goals to maximise your growth potential, build momentum and maintain your focus on 1-2 stretch goals.

Today’s video will build on the concepts covered in the previous two videos and we will refine and consolidate your work into a clear list of goals for this year.

Please click on the video below to get started on Part Three: Setting & Prioritising Your 2017 Goals

To start setting and prioritising your goals for 2017, please download the Goals Worksheet below and list your top 3 goals in each category. You can also play my Inspirational Music playlist in the background while you organise your goals.

I hope this article series on Setting Effective Goals for 2017 helps you to set yourself up for success this year. Please leave me a comment below and let me know about your progress with your 2017 goals.

Happy goal setting!

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