Setting Effective Goals for 2017 – Part One

16 Jan

January is a great time for setting goals because marking the start of a New Year provides the inspiration to achieve something bigger and better than last year. As a Personal Empowerment coach, the two major gaps I’ve found in goal setting are: Most people don’t know what they want and therefore they don’t have […]

The Gift of Being Enough

19 Dec

With Christmas fast approaching, our attention is often focused getting everything done: attending Christmas functions, finalising our Christmas shopping and planning the perfect Christmas meal. It’s a really special time of year – especially for families with young kids – and given the busy nature of the season,  it can be easy to forget that Christmas […]

The Inspiring Story of The Benevolent Bike Tour

10 Mar

As a Personal Empowerment coach, one of the tasks I especially love teaching (and completing myself) is setting goals and designing plans to achieve those goals. Setting meaningful goals backed by a sound plan can completely change your outlook on life by giving you something big to look forward to and work towards. One of […]

Goal Setting Lessons from 2014

29 Dec

I love this time of the year – it’s when I review my results for the current year and set my goals for the upcoming year. I remember doing this very exercise last year and being amazed at how many of my goals I’d accomplished. I know that many business leaders and almost all of […]

Meeting My Mentor, Bob Proctor – Part Two

04 Nov

In Part One of this article series, I introduced a dream I’ve had for eleven years: meeting my ultimate personal development mentor, Bob Proctor. In May 2013, I enrolled into a training program to become a certified facilitator of Bob Proctor & Sandra Gallagher’s Thinking Into Results coaching program. Only a couple of weeks after my […]

Meeting My Mentor, Bob Proctor – Part One

25 Oct

I first came across Bob Proctor eleven years ago after my brother had attended a personal development workshop. He came home with a lot of material and Bob Proctor’s book, You Were Born Rich caught my attention. I ‘borrowed’ the book from my brother (which I still have in my bedside drawer today!) and it took […]