The Benefits of Life Coaching

20 Feb

Life Coaching has become increasingly popular in recent years and even though most people are familiar with the term ‘life coaching’, I’m often asked what a Life Coach actually does. A Life Coach is a certified practitioner who facilitates the teaching of success principles that can be applied to achieve specific outcomes, or to improve […]

Enhancing Your Self Image With Gratitude

12 Feb

Did you know that your current results are affected by your self-image? Your self-image comprises various elements or character traits that define the way you see yourself, including: How self-confident you are How you rate your physical appearance How you see your state of health or wellness Whether or not you achieve goals you set […]

The Power of Gratitude

06 Feb

Over the last week, I was blessed with the opportunity to wind down and relax in beautiful, sunny Rainbow Bay in Queensland, Australia. My wonderful friends, Janet & Rino, invited me to join them on their family holiday and I had an incredible time! I loved feeling so alive and in the moment, and I […]

Setting Effective Goals for 2017 – Part Three

29 Jan

Welcome to the final article in the Setting Effective Goals for 2017 series. In the first video, we looked at an exercise called ‘A Day In Your Ideal Life’ to help you discover what you really want. In the second video, we explored the 3 types of goals: Type A Goal: Something you’ve done before […]

Setting Effective Goals for 2017 – Part Two

24 Jan

In Part One of this Goal Setting article series, we looked at the first aspect of setting effective goals which is: working out what you want. To help provide you with further clarity about what you want, last week I introduced you to an exercise called ‘A Day In Your Ideal Life’. In today’s video, […]

Setting Effective Goals for 2017 – Part One

16 Jan

January is a great time for setting goals because marking the start of a New Year provides the inspiration to achieve something bigger and better than last year. As a Personal Empowerment coach, the two major gaps I’ve found in goal setting are: Most people don’t know what they want and therefore they don’t have […]

The Gift of Being Enough

19 Dec

With Christmas fast approaching, our attention is often focused getting everything done: attending Christmas functions, finalising our Christmas shopping and planning the perfect Christmas meal. It’s a really special time of year – especially for families with young kids – and given the busy nature of the season,  it can be easy to forget that Christmas […]

The Inspiring Story of The Benevolent Bike Tour

10 Mar

As a Personal Empowerment coach, one of the tasks I especially love teaching (and completing myself) is setting goals and designing plans to achieve those goals. Setting meaningful goals backed by a sound plan can completely change your outlook on life by giving you something big to look forward to and work towards. One of […]

Goal Setting Lessons from 2014

29 Dec

I love this time of the year – it’s when I review my results for the current year and set my goals for the upcoming year. I remember doing this very exercise last year and being amazed at how many of my goals I’d accomplished. I know that many business leaders and almost all of […]

Meeting My Mentor, Bob Proctor – Part Two

04 Nov

In Part One of this article series, I introduced a dream I’ve had for eleven years: meeting my ultimate personal development mentor, Bob Proctor. In May 2013, I enrolled into a training program to become a certified facilitator of Bob Proctor & Sandra Gallagher’s Thinking Into Results coaching program. Only a couple of weeks after my […]